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High doses of vitamin D supplementation has no current benefit in preventing or treating COVID-19

Scientists have published a vitamin D consensus paper warning against high doses of vitamin D supplementation as current research shows it has no benefit in preventing or treating Covid-19. Scientists advise that the population adhere to Public Health England guidance on supplementation. ...

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Vitamin B3 revitalizes energy metabolism in muscle disease

Scientists have reported that vitamin B3, niacin, has therapeutic effect in progressive muscle disease. Niacin delayed disease progression in patients with mitochondrial myopathy, a progressive disease with no previous curative treatments. ...

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A combo of fasting plus vitamin C is effective for hard-to-treat cancers, study shows

Researchers have discovered that a fasting-mimicking diet could be more effective at treating some types of cancer when combined with vitamin C. In studies on mice, researchers found that the combination delayed tumor progression in multiple mouse models of colorectal cancer; in some mice, it caused disease regression. ...

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Vitamin D determines severity in COVID-19 so government advice needs to change, experts urge

Researchers are urging the Irish government to immediately change recommendations on vitamin D supplements given recent changes by Welsh, English and Scottish governments. ...

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Vitamin D linked to low virus death rate, study finds

A new study has found an association between low average levels of vitamin D and high numbers of COVID-19 cases and mortality rates across 20 European countries. ...

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Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates

Researchers analyzed patient data from 10 countries. The team found a correlation between low vitamin D levels and hyperactive immune systems. Vitamin D strengthens innate immunity and prevents overactive immune responses. The finding could explain several mysteries, including why children are unlikely to die from COVID-19. ...

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Plant extract combo may relieve hangover symptoms

A plant extract combination of fruits, leaves, and roots may help to relieve hangover symptoms, reveals new research. ...

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