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Our Black Friday Sale Is on Now!

Add some green to your Black Friday with 20 percent off all merchandise on The sale is site-wide, so it includes all clothing, video […]...

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What Is the Best Food for Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease?

What would happen if you stopped brushing your teeth but ate more healthfully Experimentally, when study participants stop brushing their teeth, plaque starts to build […]...

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Is Cannabis a Cancer Cure?

Some studies on mice show that cannabis makes cancer better, while others show it makes cancer worse. What did the one and only human clinical […]...

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Does Smoking Cannabis Cause Lung Cancer?

On a puff-by-puff basis, cannabis smoke deposits four times more tar in the lungs than tobacco, but does that translate into increased cancer risk Does […]...

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Coffee Benefits Blocked by Adding Milk?

I open my video Does Adding Milk Block the Benefits of Coffee with a graph from a study of mortality versus coffee consumption that suggests […]...

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Blueberries to Benefit Mood and Mobility

The consumption of berries can enhance beneficial signaling in the brain. Plant foods are our primary source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, but some plant […]...

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The Link Between Chicken Consumption and Urinary Tract Infections

Only about one in four people have heard of Campylobacter, compared to 90 percent who are familiar with Salmonella. Although the incidence of these two…gastrointestinal […]...

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