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Low copper levels linked to fatter fat cells

In studies of mouse cells, researchers have found that low levels of cellular copper appear to make fat cells fatter by altering how cells process their main metabolic fuels, such as fat and sugar....

Nutrients may reduce blood glucose levels

One amino acid, alanine, may produce a short-term lowering of glucose levels by altering energy metabolism in the cell....

Molecular mechanisms of ancient herbal remedies

Researchers have discovered the molecular basis for a therapeutic action of an ancient herbal medicine used across Africa to treat various illnesses, including epilepsy....

Molecular details of protein reveal glimpse into how kidney stones form

Using the 2017 Nobel Prize-winning technique of cryo-electron microscopy to capture a high-resolution image of an ion channel protein, called TRPV5, that removes calcium from urine, researchers have found fresh clues as to how kidney stones form....

Chewing gum may be effective for delivering vitamins

Nearly 15 percent of all chewing gum varieties sold promise to provide health-enhancing supplements to users, so researchers studied whether two vitamin-supplemented products were effective at delivering vitamins to the body. Their results validate the concept of gum as an effective delivery system for at least some vitamins....

Study firms up diet and depression link

In an unusual experiment, researchers have found that among Torres Strait Islander people the amount of fish and processed food eaten is related to depression....

SKU-398 Cloma Pharma Laboratories China White 25 - 100 Tablets from A1 Supplements  sku

Cloma Pharma Laboratories China White 25 - 100 Tablets - 398 by Cloma Pharma Laboratories

Item description: This Supplements Cloma Pharma Laboratories product is by Cloma Pharma Laboratories - ECA Blend! Energy, Thermogenesis, Alertness, Fat Burning!... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cloma Pharma Laboratories

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