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High-fructose corn syrup boosts intestinal tumor growth in mice

Consuming a daily modest amount of high-fructose corn syrup -- the equivalent of people drinking about 12 ounces of a sugar-sweetened beverage daily -- accelerates the growth of intestinal tumors in mouse models of the disease, independently of obesity, according to new research....

Gut instinct: Bile acid-triggered bacterial adaptation characterized

An international team has shown how the Salmonella protein RamR senses bile acids present in the gut, leading to the activation of a multidrug efflux system that helps bacterial cells to get rid of toxins. This system helps the bacteria to survive and colonize this habitat despite harsh conditions. These findings could form the basis for new therapeutic approaches aimed at combating bacterial infection....

Revealing the rules behind virus scaffold construction

New insights into virus shell self-assembly could impact future drug delivery and therapeutic strategies....

Electron accelerators reveal the radical secrets of antioxidants

A professor has demonstrated for the first time the value of linear particle accelerators for the generation of free radicals inside biological samples. This work will have important applications throughout biochemistry, especially for researchers studying antioxidants and photosynthesis....

From mirror-image biology to enhanced therapeutic proteins

Scientists have succeeded in reconstructing biomolecules in their mirror-image form. The researchers goal is to create a mirror-image artificial protein synthesis system. Their aim is to produce mirror-image therapeutic proteins, such as antibodies, which would be protected from biological breakdown in the body and do not provoke any immune response....

Expectant mothers can prevent fetal brain problems caused by the flu, study shows

Choline, an essential B vitamin nutrient, can prevent fetal brain developmental problems that often occur after prenatal maternal infections such as colds and influenza (flu), according to a new study....

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Cytosport Monster Series Monster Isolate - 2.2 Lbs. - Chocolate - 3203 by CytoSport: Monster Series

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