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Ketone body utilization decreases when blood flow to the heart is reduced

Researchers have measured the ketone body utilization rate in the heart and confirmed that it decreases when the heart is in a state of reduced blood flow (myocardial ischemia)....

Effects of linoleic acid on inflammatory response depend on genes

The effects of linoleic acid on the human body are largely dependent on genes, a new study shows. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid. People carrying different variants of the FADS1 gene had a different inflammatory response and different changes in their fasting glucose levels when supplementing their diet by linoleic acid rich sunflower oil. This was the first time these associations were studied in humans....

B-group vitamins can improve concentration among people with first episode psychosis

A new study explored the impact of increasing a persons intake of vitamins B12, B6, and folic acid [vitamin B9] after studies in people with schizophrenia revealed that increased intake of these vitamins could decrease patients levels of an amino acid called homocysteine and improve their symptoms....

Vitamin D supplements are of no benefit to the over 70s

There is little benefit for those over 70 taking higher dose vitamin D supplements to improve their bone strength and reduce the risk of falls, new research has revealed....

Mutation in sodium-potassium pump: Newly discovered serious disease in children

Researchers have mapped out a newly discovered serious disease which causes children to suffer epileptic seizures, loss of magnesium in urine and reduced intelligence....

Genetics may influence the effects of vitamin E on cancer risk

A new study has investigated whether taking vitamin E supplements could affect risk of cancer and found that genetic variations in the gene COMT influenced whether vitamin E decreased or increased risk of developing cancer during and after the study periods....

SKU-4233 FitJoy Protein Bar - 12 Bars - Cookie Dough from A1 Supplements  sku

FitJoy Protein Bar - 12 Bars - Cookie Dough - 4233 by Fitjoy

Item description: This Supplements Fitjoy product is by Fitjoy - GMO and Gluten Free Protein Bars with NO Artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners!... Learn More

Manufacturer: Fitjoy

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