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SKU-13702 Anti Age Vein 8 gms from Vitaliving  sku

Anti Age Vein 8 gms - 13702 by Guna

Item description: This Vitamins Homeopathic Combinations product is by Guna - Homeopathic Medicine 2 tubes at 4 grams each Uses: For the temporary relief of vein circulation disorders, also after sun exposure, selling legs, cold feet. Active Ingredients: Aconitum napellus 10X HPUS Aesculus hippocastanum 3X HPUS Ananassa 3X HPUS Apis mellifica 10X HPUS Arnica montana 10X HPUS Arsenicum album 12X HPUS Artery, Porcine 4C Belladonna 10X HPUS Calcarea fluorica 8X HPUS Cinchona officinalis 10X HPUS Ferrum metallicum 10X HPUS Hamamelis 3X HPUS Hydrocotyle 3X HPUS Lachesis 10X HPUS Lymphatic vessel, Porcine 7C Mercurius solubilis 10X HPUS Mountain cranberry, Bark 3X Pulsatilla, 10X HPUS Vein, Porcine 4C Viscum 3X HPUS Inactive Ingredient: Sucrose. Directions: Hold tube upside down and rotate the cap twice to release 1-3 pellets into cap. Remove cap and place pellets directly into mouth. Do not touch pellets with fingers or hand.&nbs... Learn More

Manufacturer: Guna

Store: Vita Living was founded with the mission to provide high quality Vitamins, Supplements, and Natural Health products at a competitive price.

Category: Homeopathic Combinations


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