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Vitamin D and immune cells stimulate bone marrow disease

The bone marrow disease myelofibrosis is stimulated by excessive signaling from vitamin D and immune cells known as macrophages, reveals a research team. These findings could help to develop alternative treatments that do not target problem genes....

Vitamin D helps treat lethal drug-resistant TB

Vitamin D has been found to speed up the clearance of tuberculosis (TB) bacteria from the lungs of people with multi-drug resistant TB, according to a study of 1,850 patients receiving antibiotic treatment....

Vitamin D could lower the risk of developing diabetes

The benefits of vitamin D in promoting bone health are already well known. A new study suggests that vitamin D also may promote greater insulin sensitivity, thus lowering glucose levels and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes....

Heart disease risk begins in the womb

Heart disease is the greatest killer in the world today. A new study in sheep finds that offspring whose mothers had a complicated pregnancy may be at greater risk of heart disease in later life, suggesting that our cards may be marked even before we are born....

At least half of parents try non-evidence-based cold prevention methods for kids

Despite little or no evidence suggesting certain types of methods actually help people avoid catching or preventing a cold, more than half of parents have tried them with their kids, according to a new national poll....

B-group vitamins can improve concentration among people with first episode psychosis

A new study explored the impact of increasing a persons intake of vitamins B12, B6, and folic acid [vitamin B9] after studies in people with schizophrenia revealed that increased intake of these vitamins could decrease patients levels of an amino acid called homocysteine and improve their symptoms....

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  • Basic B Complex

    Basic B Complex
    Comprehensive B complex support*. Unlike many B vitamin products, Basic B Complex contains the active forms of the vitamins for enhanced availability to the tis...(more)

    $19.90 More Details
  • Stress B-Complex

    Stress B-Complex
    A vitamin B complex with extra B5 for adrenal support and stress management*. Unlike many B vitamin products, Stress B-Complex contains some B vitamins in their...(more)

    $14.00 More Details
  • D-25,000

    For individuals needing short-term, very high-dose vitamin D supplementation . Thorne Research's vitamin D contains no unnecessary ingredients - like lactose, B...(more)

    $21.80 More Details
  • Vitamin D Liquid

    Vitamin D Liquid
    NEW metered dispenser - see instructions below vitamin D in liquid form for easy dosing . Liquid form allows for easy dosing for children and adults. In medium ...(more)

    $13.70 More Details
  • Magnesium Bisglycinate

    Magnesium Bisglycinate
    Lightly sweetened with Monk Fruit, with a hint of citrus, optimally absorbed, and well-tolerated* . Glycine enhances solubility and absorption of magnesium bi...(more)

    $35.99 More Details
  • Zinc Picolinate

    Zinc Picolinate
    A highly absorbed zinc supplement*. For testosterone metabolism and a healthy prostate gland*. For growth and immune function*. Promotes reproductive health*....(more)

    $9.95 More Details
  • B-Complex #6

    B-Complex #6
    B-complex support with extra B6. Unlike many B vitamin products, B Complex #6 contains the active forms of B vitamins for optimal absorption*. B-Complex #6 cont...(more)

    $18.05 More Details
  • Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate

    Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate
    The bioactive, tissue ready form of riboflavin*. The active form of vitamin B2 more readily used by the body*. Important cofactor for formation of other B vitam...(more)

    $24.60 More Details
  • Biotin-8

    Containing 8 mg of biotin per capsule. Provides support for dry, brittle nails*. Helps support healthy blood sugar metabolism*. Supports healthy skin and hair*....(more)

    $23.10 More Details
  • Methylcobalamin

    Active, tissue-ready form of vitamin B12*. An active form of vitamin B12 more readily used by the body*. Supports heart health and nerve function*. Helps mainta...(more)

    $17.65 More Details
  • Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate 180's

    Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate 180's
    The bioactive, tissue-ready form of vitamin B6*. The active form of vitamin B6 more readily used by the body*. Essential cofactor for synthesis of amino acids a...(more)

    $45.00 More Details
  • 5-MTHF 1 mg

    5-MTHF 1 mg
    Folate - an essential B vitamin in its active, tissue-ready form. A breakthrough in folate supplementation. Formulated for optimum absorption*. Provides an exce...(more)

    $18.95 More Details
  • Ascorbic Acid One Gram

    Ascorbic Acid One Gram
    Vitamin C - a water-soluble antioxidant . Promotes a healthy immune system*. Provides support for connective tissue formation (tendons, ligaments, skin, and mus...(more)

    $37.99 More Details
  • Selenomethionine

    An amino-acid bound form of selenium. Important antioxidant mineral*. A cofactor for SOD and glutathione function - important “built-in” antioxidant...(more)

    $8.65 More Details
  • Iron Bisglycinate

    Iron Bisglycinate
    For enhanced iron absorption without gastrointestinal side effects* . A non-constipating, well-absorbed form of iron*. An essential mineral for the formation of...(more)

    $11.99 More Details
  • Manganese Bisglycinate

    Manganese Bisglycinate
    Highly absorbable bisglycinate chelate*. Important mineral for connective tissue health, providing support for ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles*. Support...(more)

    $17.00 More Details
  • Copper Bisglycinate

    Copper Bisglycinate
    A well-absorbed form of this important trace mineral*. An essential component of the antioxidant SOD*. Important for connective tissue, heart, skin, and nerve h...(more)

    $16.10 More Details
  • Molybdenum Glycinate

    Molybdenum Glycinate
    An important trace mineral cofactor for sulfite detoxification*. Beneficial for individuals with sulfite sensitivity*. Promotes liver detoxification*. Well-abso...(more)

    $10.10 More Details
  • Magnesium Citrate

    Magnesium Citrate
    A well-absorbed form of magnesium*. Magnesium deficiency is common in the American diet. Magnesium supplementation benefits energy production, heart function, l...(more)

    $12.85 More Details
  • Potassium Citrate

    Potassium Citrate
    A highly-absorbable form of potassium*. Alkalinizes the urine to promote good kidney health*. Supports cardiovascular health*. Essential for skeletal muscle fun...(more)

    $12.30 More Details
  • Potassium-Magnesium Citrate

    Potassium-Magnesium Citrate
    To Be Discontinued After careful consideration of the overwhelming preference of our customers for stand-alone mineral formulations, we are discontinuing Potas...(more)

    $13.80 More Details
  • Trace Minerals

    Trace Minerals
    A complete trace mineral complex with highly absorbable citrate chelates*. Provides seven essential trace minerals. Well-absorbed citrate chelates*. Cofactors f...(more)

    $16.05 More Details
  • Pic-Mins

    A unique trace mineral complex designed for optimal absorption*. Provides seven essential trace minerals. Well-absorbed picolinate trace mineral formula*. Neces...(more)

    $18.45 More Details
  • Citramins with Copper & Iron

    Citramins with Copper & Iron
    A complete mineral formula of optimally absorbed citrate chelates* - with copper and iron. Provides all the essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, potassium, ...(more)

    $16.70 More Details
  • Citramins II without Copper & Iron

    Citramins II without Copper & Iron
    A complete mineral formula of optimally absorbed citrate chelates* - without copper and iron. Provides all the essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, and pota...(more)

    $16.70 More Details
  • Chromium Picolinate

    Chromium Picolinate
    An essential mineral for metabolism of sugar and other carbs*. Supports already normal blood sugar levels*. Helps decrease carbohydrate cravings*. An effective ...(more)

    $14.35 More Details
  • Calcium CitraMate

    Calcium CitraMate
    Provides optimal absorption* . Significantly better absorbed than calcium carbonate. A key nutrient for bone health. Calcium citrate-malate enhances bone healt...(more)

    $11.70 More Details
  • Magnesium CitraMate

    Magnesium CitraMate
    A well absorbed form of magnesium* . Magnesium deficiency is common in the American diet. Magnesium supplementation benefits energy production, cardiac function...(more)

    $13.90 More Details
  • Calcium-Magnesium CitraMate 240's

    Calcium-Magnesium CitraMate 240's
    Calcium and magnesium in well-absorbed citrate-malate form* . A 1:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium. Optimally absorbable form of these minerals. To improve abso...(more)

    $29.80 More Details
  • UltraChrome-500

    Thorne Research's unique chromium complex. Shown to provide high tissue levels of chromium*. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*. Available only from Tho...(more)

    $13.40 More Details
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