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Chewing gum may be effective for delivering vitamins

Nearly 15 percent of all chewing gum varieties sold promise to provide health-enhancing supplements to users, so researchers studied whether two vitamin-supplemented products were effective at delivering vitamins to the body. Their results validate the concept of gum as an effective delivery system for at least some vitamins....

Too much vitamin A may increase risk of bone fractures

Consuming too much vitamin A may decrease bone thickness, leading to weak and fracture prone bones, according to a new study in mice....

New wristband provides personalised and real-time tracking of UV exposure

Researchers have developed personalized and low-cost wearable ultraviolet (UV) sensors that warn users when their exposure to the sun has become dangerous....

Biofilm reactor promises to cut production costs on vitamin K

In an innovative study that promises to reduce production costs for the most potent form of vitamin K, Menaquinone-7, researchers have developed a novel method to enhance the fermentation process that creates the supplement by agitated liquid fermentation in a biofilm reactor....

Why vitamin E effect is often a matter of luck until now

Vitamin Es positive effects often fail to manifest themselves as strongly as expected, but sometimes administering vitamin E actually has detrimental effects. An international team has now found a possible cause for this. It has shown that the effect of vitamin E, which is taken as a tablet or capsule, is not based on the vitamin itself, but rather on the effect of a metabolite. This socalled alpha-carboxychromanol has e. g. a promising anti-inflammatory effect....

Vitamin D supplements may promote weight loss in obese children

Vitamin D supplements may promote weight loss and reduce risk factors for future heart and metabolic disease in overweight and obese children, according to new research. These findings indicate that simple vitamin D supplementation may be part of an effective strategy to tackle childhood obesity and reduce the risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease, in adulthood....

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  • BioStrong 90 tabs

    BioStrong 90 tabs
    Ingredients: 750 mg of Strontium carbonate (340 mg active) and BioPerine (Black Pepper Fruit extract) Suggested Use: Two tablets per day between meals. For...(more)

    $25.90 More Details
  • Muco Coccinum 10 tabs

    Muco Coccinum 10 tabs
    UNDA Muco Coccinum is a homepathic flu support supplement that provides relief from symptoms associated with cold and the flu.UNDA Muco Coccinum by SeroyalThis ...(more)

    $24.70 More Details
  • Neprinol 300c

    Neprinol 300c
    Neprinol AFDAdvanced Fibrin DefenseNeprinol Supports: -Inflammatory Reduction -Normal Immune Function -Blood Cleansing -Normal Blood Clotting -Viral Cleansing -...(more)

    $199.99 More Details
  • Avoca ASU 120 vtabs

    Avoca ASU 120 vtabs
    Dietary Supplement- Vegetarian- Shellfish Free- Glucosamine HCl (non-shellfish)- Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU)- Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)Suggested Use...(more)

    $39.40 More Details
  • Diaxinol 120 caps

    Diaxinol 120 caps
    Dietary SupplementCardiovascular Health†Formulated to be free of allergens derived from: Gluten,corn, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.SUGGESTED USE: 2 caps...(more)

    $93.90 More Details
  • Adrene Vive 60 caps

    Adrene Vive 60 caps
    Endocrine Health???Formulated to be free of allergensderived from: Gluten, corn, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.SUGGESTED USE: 2 capsules 1-2 timesper day...(more)

    $49.90 More Details
  • PhosChol PPC 900mg 300 gels

    PhosChol PPC 900mg 300 gels
    Dietary SupplementEach Serving Provides: 900mg of Polyenylphosphaticycholine (PPC). PPC is vital to cell membranes. Studies suggest PPC increases choline level ...(more)

    $169.02 More Details
  • Populus nigra 4.5 fl oz

    Populus nigra 4.5 fl oz
    Populus nigra from UNDA is a Homeopathic Singles supplement that is used for arteriosclerosis with a tendency towards thrombosis.Dietary SupplementBlack Poplar ...(more)

    $32.50 More Details
  • Moducare 90 vcaps

    Moducare 90 vcaps
    Ingredients per capsules: Moducare Proprietry Blend 20.2 mg Plant Sterols 20 mg (from Pinus Maritima & Pinus Pinaster) Plant Sterolins 0.2 mg (from Pinus Mariti...(more)

    $33.95 More Details
  • VenaPlex  60T

    VenaPlex 60T
    VenaPlex 60 tabsHerbal Supplement• Vascular Support Formula*Supplement FactsServing Size: 1 TabletServings per Container: 60Amount per ServingRutin 400 mgHorse ...(more)

    $32.95 More Details
  • EPA-DHA Extra Strength  Lemon 120SG

    EPA-DHA Extra Strength Lemon 120SG
    OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 Lemon 120gels (Formerly EPA-DHA Extra Strength)Dietary SupplementOmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 is produced in Norway and features a concentrat...(more)

    $31.95 More Details
  • C-Ultratabs 90T

    C-Ultratabs 90T
    C Ultratabs 1000 mg 90 tabs INGREDIENTS: EACH TABLET CONTAINS: Vitamin C 1000 mg Calcium 45 mg Magnesium 24 mg Sodium 21 mg Potassium 10 mg Above nutrients occu...(more)

    $36.50 More Details
  • Sinuplex 120T

    Sinuplex 120T
    Sinuplex 120 tabsDietary Supplement• Healthy Sinus and Lung SupportSupplement FactsServing Size: 1 TabletServings per Container: 120Amount per ServingVitamin C ...(more)

    $34.95 More Details
  • ImmuCore 90T

    ImmuCore 90T
    ImmuCore 90 tabsDietary SupplementImmuCore is designed to provide a multiple mechanistic approach to support immune system health through enhanc-ing functions o...(more)

    $34.50 More Details
  • Fenugreek Plus  60C

    Fenugreek Plus 60C
    Fenugreek Plus 60 capsHerbal Supplement• Herbal Support for Healthy Glucose MetabolismSupplement FactsServing Size: 2 CapsulesServings per Container: 30Amount p...(more)

    $29.95 More Details
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